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2023 Shop Offer 1


PLEASE NOTE: This offer can only be purchased by visiting our shops located at

158 Arbury Road Nuneaton CV10 7ND

42 Rugby Road Hinckley LE10 0QD

Shop Offer 1 includes:

1 x Phoenix,  13 shots – 20 seconds. Red mine, rising pearls, coloured peonies and shimmering gold brocade

1 x Rock N Roll, 16 shots – 28 seconds. Blue, green and red tails rising to red stars with lots of crackles and multishot finale!

1 x Rising Star, 13 shots – 20 seconds. Blue mines, gold brocade and brocade gold with blinking stars

2 x Oasis, 9 shots – 15 seconds. Alternating crackling tails to time rain with crackle flower

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