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2023 Shop Offer 4


PLEASE NOTE: This offer can only be purchased by visiting our shops located at

158 Arbury Road Nuneaton CV10 7ND (currently open weekdays throughout the year) or our seasonal shop at

42 Rugby Road Hinckley LE10 0QD (our seasonal shop will re-open on Saturday 21st October 2023)

Shop Offer 4 includes:

1 x Phoenix,  13 shots – 20 seconds. Red mine, rising pearls, coloured peonies and shimmering gold brocade

1 x Rising Star, 13 shots – 20 seconds. Blue mines, gold brocade and brocade gold with blinking stars

2 x Oasis, 9 shots – 15 seconds. Alternating crackling tails to time rain with crackle flower

1 x Fiesta Selection Box (contains 12 fireworks comprising one of each of the following unless stated otherwise:

Bonfire Heart

Nukes Of Hazzard – multishot cake

Enchanted Forest

2 x Sky Blitz Rockets

Heatwave – multishot cake

Swirl – catherine wheel

Haunted House – multishot cake

Twinkling Star

Killer Bee

Magical Stars candle

Shimmering Sunrise candle


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