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Firework Safety


Whether you’re having a small family gathering, or you are entertaining large crowds, one thing that is most important at all times is safety.

Fireworks only become dangerous when they’re misused and the instructions aren’t followed correctly.

All of our fireworks that we sell comply to BSEN 15947-2010, which means they have passed all the British Safety standards that are required.   Please read below to ensure that you are familiar with safety for your firework display.

Please remember, if you have any concerns or questions, however small they may be, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

If you are organising a larger public event, by following a few safety tips, accidents can be ruled out altogether, here is some information about staging a fireworks display, and what you need to take into account.


  1. To light fireworks at arms length with the portfires provided
  2. Never to smoke while handling fireworks
  3. Not to have more than three or four people lighting fireworks
  4. Not to fire rockets or other aerial fireworks over the heads of spectators
  5. Not to allow people to bring their own fireworks (including sparklers)
  6. Not to touch a dud firework for at least half an hour and then hold it away from your face
  7. Never to use petrol or paraffin to light the bonfire
  8. Not to let children gather spent fireworks after the display
  9. Not to let any unauthorised people into the firing area before or after the display
  10. Make sure the bonfire is out completely and the site left in a safe condition.

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