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Barrage Pack 7

£485.00 £380.00

9 BIG Fireworks

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RRP £485.00 – YOU PAY JUST £380.00

make sure you watch the video

9 BIG fireworks including two new fireworks introduced this year!

1 x Firework Fanatic – 25 shots, blue & gold mines with blue & gold cascading palm trees to golden yellow strobe

1 x Mighty Hero – 37 shots, NEW ! blue & gold brocades, multicolour strobes, crackling tails to crackling spider bursts, coloured dahlias to strobes

1 x Poisonous Spiders – 48 shots, large multicoloured bursts to swirling comet tails to time rain bursts ending with an all whistling & crackling finale

1 x Paradise Palms – 61 shots, spectacular spread of multicoloured palm bursts, building to a large electric finale

1 x Attack Of The 80ft Snake – 60 shots, whistling serpents to coloured bursts with upright & fanned effects

1 x Best Of British – 30 shots, strobing dahlia bursts to magical blue to red colour change bursts to large palm and peony bursts & crackling willow finale.

1 x Sky Ambush – 73 shots, large whistling comets to large coloured bursts with fan and “Z” firing effects – this truly is an amazing firework

1 x Twisted Turtles – 38 shots, stunning !! absolutely stunning (watch the video) Huge spinning cyclones to large coloured bursts, a must have firework

1 x Space Monkey – 29 shots, large golden willow bursts with blue, coloured palm bursts changing to time rain & silver strobes. Superb quality effects

Includes Portfires.

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