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Party Display


RRP £224.98.00 - YOU PAY JUST £159.00

A good selection of mixed fireworks, which are sure to create a spectacular display, perfect for the family party!

33 fireworks in total

1 x Mad As A Box Of Frogs

1 x Piranha Attack

1 x Ice Diamond

1 x Fish & Chips

1 x Monkey Business

1 x Vicious Vampires

PLUS - 1 x Ultimate Celebration consisting of:

2 x WhizzTastic

1 x Haunted House

2 x Aliens Wrath

1 x Mine Blast

1 x Nuclear Bomb

1 x Aladdins Cave

1 x Lost World

1 x 200 Shot Candle

8 x Super Star Rockets

4 x Single Shot Earthquake Candle

1 x Nukes of Hazzard

1 x Jungle Jive

1 x Piranha Attack

1 x Mad As A Box Of frogs

1 x Monkey Business


Portfires and Rocket Launch tube included

*WE reserve the right to substitute any item that may be out of stock with another item of equal or greater value