Fireworks at weddings are becoming more popular and there is no better way to end your special day in a very special way. Our wedding displays start from just £520.00 inc' VAT and as well as the traditional noise displays we can also offer low noise displays if your venue prefers that kind.

Corporate Events

We produce a wide range of firework displays for corporate events such as product launches, business celebrations, team building days, plus many others. Fireworks are the perfect way to celebrate, and with prices starting from as little as £525 inc VAT, fireworks are an affordable extra for any corporate event.

Indoor & Arena

Stage Pyrotechnics and Indoor Fireworks can be used to enhance key moments in a concert or event where maximum impact is required even though only small safety distances exist between the pyrotechnics and the spectators or performers. We only use ultra reliable indoor fireworks that are handmade in the UK.