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Galactic Force


RRP: £601.00.00 - YOU PAY JUST £449.00

45 Display Fireworks.
A stunning range of larger fireworks, sure to be a huge success with your crowd – improved in 2018 to give even more ‘wow’ for your money! and proved very popular. Includes excellent cakes like Twisted Turtles and Attack of The 80ft Snake !!

1 x Devils Fire

1 x Fishes & Seahorses

1 x Monster Mash

1 x Dizzy Dinosaur

1 x Shanghai Cylones

1 x Mighty Crowns

1 x Willow Trees

1 x Space Detonation

1 x Triple Attack

1 x Space Monkey

1 x Mighty Hero

1 x Mad As A Box Of Frogs

1 x Piranha Attack

1 x Ice Diamond

1 x Fish & Chips

1 x Monkey Business

1 x Vicious Vampires

1 x Pack of 5 Air Raid Rockets

1 x Pack of 5 Star Blaster Rockets

1 x Attack Of The 80ft Snake

1 x Twisted Turtles

1 x Pack of 16 Space Mission Rockets

Portfires included

Rocket Launch Tube included

*WE reserve the right to substitute any item if it is out of stock with another item of equal or greater value