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This special offer is ONLY available by visiting our shops which are located in Nuneaton and Hinckley

A superb pack to give a great display.

each pack contains one of each of the following:

Devils Fire – 25 shots, large coloured bursts with inbuilt finale 30 seconds

Fishes & Seahorses – 30 shots, light crackling tails to silver fish in a blue sea, changing to white strobe then brocade horse tail with inbuilt finale 47 seconds

Monster Mash – 25 shots, large coloured bursts with coloured mines, 5 shot finale 30 seconds

Dizzy Dinosaurs – 36 shots, Brocade bursts with blue, red & green stars 30 seconds

Shanghai Cyclones – 16 shots, red tail to silver spinners to large silver bursts 43 seconds

Mighty Crowns – 19 shots, brocade crown tail to red chrysanthemum time rain followed by blue chrysanthemum to brocade crown time rain 30 seconds

Willow Trees – 19 shots, huge crackling willow cascading bursts with inbuilt finale 30 seconds

Space Detonation – 25 shots, silver strobe mines to red palm tree, yellow and time rain 55 seconds

Triple Attack – 21 shots, fanned barrage and upright effects producing large coloured bursts with triple action fans to create a huge spread across the sky. 32 seconds

all timings are approximate


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