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Universe Invasion


*PLEASE NOTE, we reserve the right to withdraw this offer or to make substitutions on any item contained in this pack. Please be assured, that if we do have to make substitutions the item(s) will be of equal or greater value”


Use rockets as and when required throughout your display

Fire in pairs where indicated to give a more impressive display

1 x Rocket Pack 1 containing:

1 x pack Air Raid (5 rockets)

1 x pack Starblaster (5 rockets)

1 x pack Space Mission (16 rockets)

1 x Rocket Pack 2 containing:

1 x pack Starblaster (5 rockets)

2 x packs Double Dare (10 rockets)

2 x Rocket Pack 3 containing:

2 x Excelsior Rockets

2 x Fireball Rockets

2 x Maximizer Rockets

2 x Whopper Rockets


2 x Mad As A Box Of Frogs

2 x Monkey Business

2 x Cheery Cherries

2 x Bangers & Flash

2 x Ice Diamond

2 x Piranha Attack

2 x Fish & Chips

2 x Vicious Vampires

2 x Cheery Cherries

2 x Bangers & Flash

2 x Howling Hounds

2 x Devils Fire

2 x Monster Mash

2 x Willow Trees

2 x Shanghai Cyclones

2 x Mighty Crowns

2 x Triple Attack

2 x Fishes & Seahorses

2 x Dizzy Dinosaur

2 x Space Detonation

Twisted Turtles

Big Event

Space Monkey

Mighty Hero

Poisonous Spiders

Firework Fanatic

Best Of British

Flash Bang Wallop

Blazing Sky


Ice Warrior

Big Finish

Rocket launch tubes and portfires included




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